Wednesday, March 5, 2014

U.S. Mother-Of-Four Dies From Ultra-Rare Human Version Of Mad Cow Disease

A mother-of-four from Maine has died from the incredibly-rare human form of Mad Cow Disease.
Sandi Kennedy, who lived in the town of Kennebunk, first became ill with a cough and vertigo in November. Her health deteriorated rapidly and doctors struggled to find what was wrong with her, despite a barrage of tests for neurological conditions and cancer.
By Christmas Eve, the 38-year-old nurse - mother to Tucker, nine, twin boys Asher and Gunner, five and a daughter, Skyler, two - was admitted to hospital with symptoms similar to that of a stroke patient.

Last month she was diagnosed with CJD, a rare and aggressive disease that attacks the brain and has no cure. It affects just one in a million people in the U.S, and unfortunately she was that one person.
She died on Monday and may her soul rest in peace amen. Please put her family in your prayers..

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