Sunday, February 27, 2011


1:  Like my natural hair cut short-but so many beautiful hair extensions to rock :-)
2:  Love to have pets (dogs)-but am scared of them :-((
3:  Stop taking cold drinks -but drinks taste good when cold.
4: Spend less time in the shower-hey who doesn't  love the hot water splash..he he
5: Wear flat shoes always- who doesn't want to look elegant  :-)
6: Eat ice creams late night-hm who wants to add weight, guess not me.
7: Eat out daily-but who doesn't  like healthy home cooked meal :-))
8: Eat  candy's often-who wants to visit the dentist not me...
9: Browse all day-but so many important things to do and  take care of.
10: Spend my whole week indoors with my family- who doesn't want to be resourceful.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence (Gentle Revolution) Do you know that all kids are linguistic geniuses right from birth? This applies mostly to all the parents living in foreign countries. Have no fear teach your kids as many language as possible more especially your native language because they will end up learning  the foreign, your native and any other language added onto it perfectly.
Some parents don't know that the can begin the process of teaching their  kids as early as possible in life, many believe is only when the child starts schooling but that is wrong.
Glenn Doman is an author  in one of my favorite books titled: HOW TO MULTIPLY YOUR BABY"S INTELLIGENCE, you can get this book in amazon.
When a friend introduced me to this book honestly i was a bit skeptical over the whole thing so  i decided to give it a trial. After a week of going through it i found it difficult to believe that all this written could actually be done with my kids.
Honestly the little i made out time to do with them worked out perfectly and I'm  very excited going to the next stage in the book.
Parents never you say ooh!  this is too much for my child  to learn, nothing is too much for a little child, the magic is in the child  and in you.
So parents do not hesitate, squeeze  out  little  time from your tight schedule and help multiply your baby's intelligence.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 The joy and love I feel being a mother is indescribable at times. I have three wonderful children.
I have always felt the most important job in the world was to help children grow,  discover,  love and learn how to live in this world that is both amazing and alarming.

Everyday is an adventure in which I want my children to discover life and how to help one another as well as  themselves. I thank God everyday for this opportunity to make a difference in their lives and what a difference they make in mine. . As I teach my children to grow up,  they teach me how to keep those childlike qualities that make us all alive and free and ready for the next adventure. Being a mother challenges you in every way, it brings you to your edge, it tests your strength, courage and patience.  It allows u  to be a child again in moments. It allows you to appreciate the simple things in life. It allows you to laugh more and not take yourself so seriously. Being a mother reminds you of who you are in the eyes of the beholder. It's magical and humbling.

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