Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cellphones Of Missing Malaysian Airlines Passengers Still Ringing.

According to the Washington Post, family of some of the 239 people on board the vanished Boeing 777 said that they were getting ring tones and could see them active online through a Chinese social networking service called QQ.One man said that the QQ account of his brother-in-law showed him as online, but frustratingly for those waiting desperately for any news, messages sent have gone unanswered and the calls have not been picked up.
This new eerie development comes as the Malaysian authorities said they had identified one of the men on two stolen European passports who were on the flight - and that he was not considered likely to be a terrorist. He was a 19-year-old Iranian asylum seeker called Pouiria Nur Mohammad Mehrdad who was trying to meet his mother in Germany.

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Small Kucing said...

Had the shock of my life when i woke up Saturday morning with new of the plane missing. Everywhere over here,Msia, everyone are talking about it

It is possible for the phone to be ringing . Possible answer depending on telco. Some if, the phone is off it will go to voicemail. But some it will ring twice before going to voicemail.Hence some may get "ringing" tone when they dial the number.

It's already 3 days. most handphone battery would have been drained by now.

yes please let's pray for their safe return.

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