Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rapper T.I. Denies Reports That He Has Split From Wife Of Three Years Tiny...

Rapper T.I. has come out to deny reports that he and wife of three years Tiny have split.
The 33-year-old told TMZ that he did in fact have an argument with his spouse, but the spat was no big deal.
The hip hop artist went on to explain that he and Tiny, 38, fought over whether or not to attend the Grammys but quickly repaired the damage.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Sunday, January 19, 2014


1. "You're doing it wrong." Ladies, your man really does hear you loud and clear when you ask him to help out more with the dishes, or cleaning the house, or giving the kids a bath, etc. I promise, they really do hear you. But it's tough for men to do what you ask when you nag them about it by telling them they're doing it wrong.

Just because he doesn't load the dishwasher the same way you do doesn't mean that he's doing it wrong. Sure, it might not fit as much in it the way that he does it, and he might have to wash more by hand, but he'd rather see you appreciate his efforts rather than getting mad at him for doing what you ask. And when given the option between doing nothing and getting yelled at, or doing what you ask and getting yelled at, most people (men included) are going to choose to do nothing and get yelled at — the result is the same, after all. Why would he put more effort into something for which he's going to get yelled at, anyway?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Must Read---->Signs Of Immaturity In Marriage!!


1) Rejecting food when there's an issue: one of the things I hold in high esteem about my father is the fact that I never saw him reject my mother's food even when they had serious misunderstanding. In fact, its a big "sin" for his food to be unprepared when he is ready. Oga
husband, you gave your wife money for food and after it was prepared you refuse to eat because you dey vex. Its one of the greatest signs of immaturity, its time to grow up! You should not even abandon your home for any reason, ensure that you don't allow anger to linger unnecessarily because that is enough for the devil to build on. 

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