Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scentsy Launched In Germany/UK


As of the month of April, Scentsy is now launched in the UK and Germany. This fast growing direct sales company has grown leaps and bounds with their wonderful products.

Let me tell you a little about Scentsy:
Scentsy is a wickless candle company that sells their products by home and traveling basket parties (direct sales). Scentsy has over 80 different fragrances and warming pots to fit your every style or décor. This family and pet safe product fills your house with fragrance without the fear of fire or soot build-up. It gently warms the wax (no hotter than body temp.) and fills the room with your chosen fragrance.
Warmers in the UK and Germany will be slightly different: To meet European requirements, the light bulbs used in Scentsy Warmers have been replaced with heating elements to melt the wax and LEDs to provide light through the vents. Electric voltage is different in the U.K. and in Germany and Scentsy Warmers for Europe are designed for use in those markets. Scents for the European markets are manufactured in France, but the 50 fragrances included in the catalog are Scentsy fragrances popular in the U.S.

Starting with Scentsy is as simple as introducing this wonderful product to friends and family. As soon as they try it your business will grow. It is a great chance for the stay at home mom or individuals needing an extra income to grow their own personal business.

Currently nearing the end of April, Scentsy has signed on 22 consultants in Germany. The income and growth opportunities are tremendous!! Contacting me will allow me to really share how great this company and product is and help you kick start your own business. I will work with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

If you would prefer to try the product first for yourself, go to my website at
1. Go to the top right hand corner: Select language
2. Pick Germany Catalog /UK catalog
3. Shop and experience what I can only talk about.

Also visit and follow my blog to stay up to date on the latest activity with Scentsy. Reading my blog will let you know how wonderful this company and product really is and see how it has changed my life.

Please contact me with any questions as I could go on and on. Great things are happening in Germany---Jump on board!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hop Into Easter Blog Hop.

Hop into Easter Blog Hop is going on all week, so don't miss this chance of getting new followers and readers in your blogs/sites. Simply enter your link below and follow  many people as you can.
please leave a comment so we know where to follow you back. Please remember to follow the host of the blog hop No-1, in the linky list.

Thanks and enjoy hopping.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Schooling VS Government Schooling..

I observed that many moms in the USA are more of homeschooling there children. So this thoughts pondered in my mind.
Is homeschooling better than public schools???
Is is true that the home education environment is linked to high academic achievement?
Could homeschooling provide a better education for your child??
Is it true that home education minimizes issues of child safety?

If you have any opinion on this topic please don't hesitate to comment so that we that are into Government education  will know if we are actually missing out. Thanks.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Many  of my  friend's have been telling me about this vegetable called BROCCOLI including my husband about its nutritional values, not that i don't know about it, but typical me i said what i don't like no one can convince me to eat it.
But today turned out a different day for me, i decided to give it a trial for the first time by preparing broccoli soup, and guess what happened? my kids couldn't stop asking for more and i really enjoyed my broccoli soup.
Now i have realized that the choices we make when it comes to food are because we have options.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


OK today i will be visiting  everyone following me in my blog, not only that i will sure subscribe your blogs if i haven't and i will also drop some comments on  some blog post  i find interesting. Finally if you are doing any giveaway contest i will definitely enter, THAT IS WHAT I CALL TEAM WORK. So kindly follow me if you are just seeing this post and leave a comment i will sure get back at you. Thanks for being part of ONEMOMENTINTIME....

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We all know that Easter is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.We Christains celebrate it to remember the kind of hardship Jesus Christ went through just to save our lives. In some couple of days we will be celebrating Easter and every family is looking forward for the celebration with our different plans. Happily it coincide with the arrival of spring which is a perfect time :-)
So here are some of my few tips on how to spend the Easter holidays if you are still thinking on how to spend yours.
1- Prepare your favorite dishes.
2- Bake some pastries the kids and you enjoys eating.
3- Invite some dear friends over to your house to merry with you.
4- You can visit some  friends,some people also prefer visiting the orphanages and old people's homes.
5- You can take a short vacation with your family.
6- You can spend some time in the spa.
7- You and your family can go to any beautiful restaurant if you wish not to cook at home.
8- You can take the kids to the cinema to watch some movies.
9- You can also take the kids to some recreational places to have some fun and get to meet other kids.
10- Send out some Easter greeting cards to friends because it may not be possible to see all your love ones during the holidays.
That's some few tips i can share with you now and i hope you and your family will have a wonderful and fun filled holidays.
Don't forget to remember the reason for the season.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm dedicating today's blog post to all parents all over the world who are involved in this wonderful and fascinating program called ADOPTION, without all this awareness programs online and parents taking part what would have become of foster homes? Have you ever asked yourself same question?

Adopting a child is one of the biggest decision any parents can make, although i have NEVER adopted one before but am strongly encouraging all the parents that are involved  in this program to continue the good work of Adoption because in that way you give hope to young women who are not capable of taking care of their baby  due to physical, mental and emotional circumstances surrounding  them.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I always look forward for weekends  because that's when i spend quality time with my kids. Today me and my husband decided to take them to the children's largest indoor playground in South-Deutschland called KINDORADO, where every child will love to visit often. So i decided to share few pictures of what the did today.
This is a mini boot for children and my kids really enjoyed the ride.

My kids where scared previously but finally made it pretty huge.
He was able to make it through..bravo!!
The fun continues.
He could actually handle a motorbike cool...
So many  art work for children but this is the children's favorite..i just don't know why..
This is really long i Couldn't take the full image.

This is called the too long i couldn't take the full image.
Section where the kids test there IQ.
That is how i spent my Saturday afternoon, hope you enjoyed yours.

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