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Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Old Is Too Old? Justine Bieber And Mariah Carey In New Music Video

Have you watched this music video "Justine Bieber ft Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas Is You.
I'm a big fan of Justine Bieber simply because i love seeing young talents. I think he is good in what he is doing and he deserves some positive encouragements.

Mariah Carey is always on my top list because she got it all and has a very unique voice, which you can't find elsewhere.

In the media people are saying so many negative things about this christmas song, saying that Mariah Carey is too old for this music video. Others added "It was definitely over the top and inappropriate for a family Christmas show". People continued "I found this video inappropriate, to take a sweet song and make it so sensual. What kind of message are we sending to our young people? etc.

Personally i don´t see anything wrong with this beautiful christmas song. Do you see anything  inappropriate, sensual or wrong with this video? Feel free to oppose - Watch Video below!

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