Friday, March 4, 2016

What's Your Thoughts On This??

A man Ayoade has begged the customary court in Lagos to dissolve his marriage – Ayoade said his wife beats him at will, including several public bashing – The troubled husband also said his wife attacked his manhood – A DNA test is proposed to settle the couples’ dispute over the paternity of their child.  Ayoade has begged an Alimosho customary court to dissolve his five-year-old marriage to his wife Deborah Oriade. The 42-year-old man told the court sitting in Lagos he craved dissolution of his marriage for fear of his life.
He cited his wife’s alleged brutality and maltreatment as core reason for his petition. He narrated to the court how his wife had taken on the habit of beating him at will, saying she had beaten him more than 10 times, even in public. According to Ayoade, on one occasion, Oriade attacked his manhood until it started bleeding and not yet done, she dashed into the kitchen, brought ground pepper and poured it on his bleeding penis.

Some made this statement below: 
**hmmm... men and women alike. Someone said the men folk are  the most abused but the women seem to be the most publicized. My friend used to have a neighbor whose wife used to lock him inside the house...turn on the stereo very loud so no one would hear and beat him well.
What do u say to husband abuse?

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