Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Is In Charge? You Or Your Kids??

Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old gay male from Buffalo, made an “It Gets Better” YouTube video earlier this summer to urge outcasts and the bullied to keep going and brush off the mean kids.
“Jamey Rodemeyer, 14 yrs old, took his life because of bullying. May your soul R.I.P Rodemeyer.
The death of  Rodemeyer generated so many hot arguments or should i say conflicts between parents. And below are  some few comments made by parents about Rodemeyer's case.

* Gay at 14yrs old? 

*  These kids ( bullies) have no parental discipline at home. And the parents refuse to believe that their precious child would ever do anything like that until it's too late and the bullied either kill themselves or kill their tormentors.

When are parents going to stop letting kids run the household and start taking charge?

* Jamey Rodemeyer chose a permanent solution to a short term problem, it was his choice to respond to idiots by ending his own life.

*When a bully child bullies, arrest the bully kids parents for contributing to the delinquency of a child.

* Gay or not, you should have enough confidence in who you are as a person to stand up for yourself.

* What does this country expect? If you spank your child in public someone calls the cops. Teachers can't discipline the kids because of new laws.

* We can't just blame the parents here for the way their children treat others. This is a problem of society. The victim of this suicide was a gay teenager, a popular target for bullies. Gay teens are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than other teenagers. 

My Thoughts:
What you read above is just few things parents stated in a forum about the death of Rodemeyer. So do you think they are right on some of the statements mentioned above? What was your reaction when you heard the news?
Last month a friend was telling me that his son was facing same problems in his new school, bullies don't want to let him be. To the extent the boy told his mother he wants to stop going to school. The mother realized that it has gone so far, so she stepped into the case. Can you believe what they school authorities told her when she reported the case to them? They told her that her son is lying, saying "bullying don't exist and will never exist in their  school. The boy (victim) came open and told the school authorities that they older boys bully him daily in school. So the mother of the head of bullies was invited to the school for a short meeting, and she was allowed to make a speech in front of everyone involved, and she said " IF MY SON BEATS YOU UP; BEAT HIM UP TOO AND STOP MAKING CASE OVER NOTHING". I was not expecting to hear anything like that when my friend was narrating the story to me. But the sad news was that, the victims mother later changed her son's school after so much stress of finding a new school. Now she got her peace of mind back. If you find yourself in same situation, would you handle it same way the victims mother did?


nina kunni said...

its crazy how the society has gone soo bad and allow kids decide.bullying is a very serious offence and action should taken once any case is reported.
the lastest london riot that buildings and businesses worth millions of pounds were burnt and reduced to nothing was carried out by teenagers. Mostly 14-16 yrolds and the police couldnt do anything cos they were kids. How can a civilized community raise such hoodlums as the leaders of tomorrow?

Karen said...

As parents we have to do everything that we can to protect our children. And if that means changing schools, I would do it in an instant!

Clayton Thomas said...

This is a deep issue for a number of reasons. Moving the kid to another school sounds like a last chance alternative that was thankfully used. No matter how much I research and write about this topic, stories like the ones you told amaze me.

Best wishes,


Cyn said...

bullying is an epidemic in this country -- i barely know a mom who's child hasn't been affected by it -- including myself. when children as young as FIVE are committing suicide -- it's time to stand up and take notice!
thanks for standing up!

hiya – found ya via the alexa hop – newest follower -- come by and say hi and follow back if ya like!
misadventures of a chunky goddess

mamawolfe said...

As a mom and teacher, I'm very aware of bullying issues. I always listen to kids first, and try to get to the truth of the situation.

Found your blog via Vb...

Terri said...

It is so sad what the world has come to. It has been going on for many year and it was a topic in our health class when I went to school. Our teacher told us of many kids that he knew from our school who had committed suicide because they were bullied. He wanted to let us all know that if something happened that we could come to him. He was one of my favorite teachers in school.

I got teased all the time because I was a tomboy. It caused lots of tears but I never had the thought of killing myself over it. There are lots of kids out there that do though and that is so very sad.

CharB said...

Following you from the blog hop. I need to check out this you tube video. The bullying is shameless and people always want to jump on kids when they defend themselves.


Judy Haughton-James said...

This post gives serious food for thought. A child being bullied for any reason is wrong. It must be very stressful. Moving a child to another school is not a bad idea if the bullying won't stop.

May said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. When i was in high school, the senior girls punish us junior girls always. Sometimes i wonder what we did wrong. I almost same with bullying, but i never for once thought of killing myself or even harming myself. My mother raised me to be strong and always believe in myself. No body can take that guard away from me...Guess some kids can't handle that..

Small Kucing said...

How to fight back when the bullies parents are not receptive. Guess changing school is a better option.

Kristen said...

I hate hearing about authorities who deny that problems exist. There have been too many well publicized bullying incidents for adults not to know how serious it can be. I'd pull my kids...even consider homeschooling if necessary to protect them from such outrageous behavior.

Adannaya said...

I don't know what this world is turning into. What a bad news. Hope he rest in peace now.

Nekky said...

Bullying is a nightmare. I've heard from some victims and it's not what any parent will wish any child. The worst part is how the school authorities handle it. I'd definitely get the child off the school/environment in which he or she is being bullied.

Anonymous said...

Parents could start looking into home schooling their kids if they can. Or totally relocating and teaching them tactics to stand up to people.

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