Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things you shouldn't do in front of your kids.

Raising kids is not  easy and will never be. That is why you have to be careful on the type of things you say or do in the presence of your kids. Because kids are like sponges, the sap out everything happening around them. You have to behave like a queen before you raise princes and princesses.
There are so many things you shouldn't do in front of your kids, but i will be listing few below that can help: 

1.  Don't fight: In many relationships and marriages, disagreement will always be there. Fighting your way out in front of the kids will give them negative impression that getting physical is the best way to solve an argument.

2. Don't Lie: Don't you ever lie in front of your kids in any situation you find yourself. Because when they see you lie, they automatically learn how to lie. That is when you start having bad relationship with your kids.

3. Don't Steal: I know is hard to believe that some parents steal. Yes some do for whatever reasons. Please stop stealing in front of kids, because if you continue, they believe that asking is not the best way to get what they want.

4. Parental Negative Influence:  Do not ask a child who he/she wants to see or not to see in his /her birthday party. A child can tell you who he/she wants to see but please never ask a child who he/she doesn't want to see. Many parents do this and i wonder why. If there are people you don't want to see kindly make the decision by yourself.

5. Don't Litter: Always make sure you dispose things in the appropriate places. Do not throw things out from the window of your car. Do not litter the street simply because you are far from the waste bin. If you continue in this way, you will have a hard time teaching them how to keep their environment clean.

6. Don't Speak Badly About Others:  Don't let your kids hear you speak badly about people no matter how hurt you are. You can do that in their absence if the need be.  Do not tell the kids not to greet your next door neighbour due to some slight differences. Don't tell them negative things about their dad,  simply because of some misunderstandings and the anger in you. If you do so, they will grow up hating you too.

7. Don't Expose Them To Adult Content: Don't expose the kids to adult activities. You have to be mindful when it comes to  the type of movies/ programs you watch in front of the kids.

8.  Keep to your words: Don't promise the child what you know that you can't afford or buy for him/her. You know sometimes the kids can get at you in a public,  and the only thing that pops out of your mind that very moment  is making a promise to buy the best chocolate or ice-cream so that they child can stop crying. The best way in this situation is to allow him/ her to cry or take him/her out of the environment , other than promising to buy something to end the situation. How long will you continue the buying? And how long will you continue the promise? In that way a child learns not to keep to his words in the future.

9.  Simple Courtesy Rules: When you walk into an environment/ any gathering, try as mush as possible to greet people around you. You can use the words " Hello/Hi" so that the kids will know that things like this do exists. Is embarrassing when your kids walk into a gathering and look at people  without saying a word.

10. Don't Be A Time Waster:  Don't let your kids see you doing nothing all the time. Always be productive with your time. Engage them in some crafty work or any  other activity you know they love doing. In this way they will eventually learn to appreciate the value of hard work.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Great list!

Small Kucing said... guilty of number some shows which is quite violant

Nekky said...

I cannot believe less. Kids learn so fast and whatever we do in front of them, they will be automatically absorb. But can parents steal in front of their kids?

May said...

@ Nekky you ask as if is a new thing. Some do that thinking the child is too young, he/she won't understand. Last week a woman was caught in H&M store with some pairs of earrings under her baby wagon. And her teenage child was right beside her.

Marina said...

Great advices!

May said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and i hope you all are having a great weekend.

Kenny said...

Great list! :)

Truth Mama said...

Guilty of number one. It's really hard not to argue with my husband in front of my daughter sometimes. I know we need to be better though. Really good list! Stopping by from Voiceboks Members to Remember.

Alison said...

A lot of your ideas seem obvious, but are SO hard to do. It's good to be reminded daily of what our role as parents is. Thank you!

Ali at VB, and 99% Exposure.

Alison said...

So true! Thanks for the reminder that I really needed.

Ali at VB and 99% Exposure

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