Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inner Passion Of Life.

I love music a lot. When i was in high school i belong to some few music groups and i was also in our church choir. Not only that, i always like getting involved in any music/singing activities back then. Some people are just too lucky to be born with the X- factor ( music talent) while some people have to acquire it. Well so sad to say,  i  belong to the group that tried to acquire it.  Many people I've come across wished they have good vocal and some that  have don't even know what to do with it. I'm very selective on the type of music i sing and also on the type of music i listen to. When it comes to choosing a profession  on what i want to do in the entertainment world, i will first go for music. Sometimes i wonder why i didn't get that voice of a nightingale.
Just saying because i know how to sing so many beautiful songs by amazing artists and also how to compose mine. Music is life,  but not all music  music can bring peace and harmony in a society. The pleasure that results from listening/singing to music we love stimulates the nerves and does so many wonders to our health.  I know there are some things you wish you know how to do but still think you can't get it perfect or even you don't have the potentials or you don't have time for it anymore. A friend was telling me to enroll in a vocal class and i laughed it off because i have already made up my mind that music is no longer my passion . I keep singing to myself, kids and friends but not for the public which i would have loved.  I believe that i don't need to waste my time on thinking how to better my vocal because there are so many things i have to do with my life now. The good news is this, i found out long time ago that my kids love music so i enrolled my first son in their kindergarten music class. Which their aim is to help the kids better their vocal and also to help them understand the A-Z of music keywords which will also make them fall in love with their desired music instruments.

 I so much love the opportunities kids of nowadays are getting and also parents are really playing a great role in supporting their children on the things that makes them happy.
Here is my question for you:  I  will like to hear what your inner  passion is? That thing you would have really loved to do that you didn't get the chance  of going deep into . ( One sentence can describe it all in the comment box) Thanks for sharing.


Clayton Thomas said...

Loved the post. My inner passion was to be a professional basketball player but three things held me back- the size, skill, and my knees. Other than that, sign me up!

Best wishes,


Rebecca Burton said...

My passion is photography. I have been very fortunate that in my second carreer I've gotten the chance to pursue it.

(visiting from vB)

Judy Haughton-James said...

I used to be a member of singing clubs in high school but now I wonder where my voice went!:) I also did piano lessons but not for long. My twin and I learned to play the recorder. I am still wondering how come we were brave enough to play it in front of the whole school at devotion! We managed quite well also! I hope your son does well in music class. Thanks for participating in the GET CONNECTED TUESDAY BLOG HOP.

Gladys said...

I always wait for your next post. My inner passion was to be a dancer but i was not given that privilege kids of today get. It pains a lot and no time for it now. Age is by my side.

Esmeralda said...

I love your post! My two biggest passions are singing and dancing, but I come from a little town in a small country and there wasn't any class I could have attended. Now I'm just trying to do what I can to fulfill those dreams on my small scale! And it's for that exact reason that I started my blog creationsesmeralda.blogspot.com!!

Jaz said...

Aloha! Stopping over from Vboks. I wish I was more musically inclined. I wish I could sing better haha. I think I might get my kids more involved in music..if they let me :)


Becky Jane said...

This is a fun topic! I would have loved to become a professional ballroom dancer with a lot of jazz and fun!

Visiting from voiceBoks
Thanks, Becky Jane

Lynette said...

Writing....always loved to write. Guess that is why I blog and review so many books. Jealous of those who can and do write with success.

Momfever said...

I love music too, but I'm a terrible singer! My inner passion is writing. I love to write for my blogs.

Found you on Voiceboks!

Nekky said...

Writing has always been my passion. I love to write but didn't get much encouragement and didn't have much focus when I was younger. All hope is not lost though. I know that I'll still write my book some time.

Small Kucing said...

mine is writing

Michelle said...

My inner passion was to be a dj! I love music too and always imagined myself behind a turntable. Wish I would have pursued it before my three boys.

Stopping by from voiceboks.
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Truth Mama said...

Mine is performing. If I was more talented/or had danced my whole life I would have loved to have been on Broadway! Found you on the Facebook Fanpage Hop and liked your page. Here's a link to mine: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Truth-Mama/253902511300766?sk=wall. Thanks for hosting the hop!

Janis said...

mine is watching great movies and series :)
ps.: I'm organizing an autumn trees necklace giveaway, feel free to join :) http://tinyurl.com/3z9go4y

Marina said...

I am coming from a blog hop. but I am already following you so I just wanted to say that I love your blog design, especially the header! :)

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