Tuesday, July 12, 2011


" A note written by a friend who is yet to be a mom, so i decided to share with all my mom blogger friends, hope you enjoy reading it just the way i did".

To my mother and indeed to all mothers, here's your child saying:
Dear Mother,
Thank you for not bailing out when you first found out about me, you knew it was going to be a long nine months but you were willing to give it your best shot because of me. You accepted the changes that took place in your body, the fact that you were almost always eating, sleeping, spitting and sometimes vomiting did not make you change your mind.
Then your clothes and shoes wouldn't fit again because I was getting bigger, so you had to wear those shapeless gowns and forfeit your shoes, just to accommodate me. Did I forget to mention that you had to change your gait too?
And oh! How you endured my swimming and somersaulting lessons, even when I chose to practice at night.
You had to visit the hospital every month and take drugs everyday, not because you were sick, but because you wanted to be sure that I was doing just fine.
Then I decided I wanted out, yet you stood by me, even though it caused you so much pain, each move made you scream as I pushed my way through. Finally, there I was wriggling and screaming like I was mad with everyone in this new and harsh environment, but the love that shone through your eyes as you beheld me for the first time ( the struggles of the past months all forgotten in that instance) and the warmth from your body as you held me close eased my fears. I slept off feeling safe and secure in your love.
Thank you for being God's moulding vessel, thank you for believing in me even before you saw me, thank you for showing me what true and unconditional love is like, and in case I've not said it to you before now, I want to tell you now from the depths of my heart: I LOVE YOU!
Love, Me.


~ Mona said...

So cute.... and all true.
~ Mona : )
Mona’s Milestones

Nekky said...

Such a touchy letter. I will always love you mom.

notexpectingtoomuch said...

That's a sweet note. Reminds me of the days when my kids were just cute and innocent. :)

May said...

I'm glad some of love the note.

Sadi said...

Wow, how cute!!

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