Monday, July 4, 2011

Children And The Zoo.

"Happy 4th July everyone, hope you all are having a great day."
City garden zoo is one of the best zoos in  Germany and is not just a fun day out for kids: a ' gondoletta' ride, a 'water organ',  children's motorway, an adventure playground, crazy golf, children's petting zoo and the daily feeding of the animals in particular make a visit to the city garden zoo a memorable day for all ages. Is called the city garden zoo because the city garden which is the largest garden in my city that contains 800 trees from a variety of countries and more than 300 rose varieties is where the zoo is located.
Every end of the month i always take my kids to the zoo. Is very important for me because in that way my  kids  get to see and if possible touch those animals the see in books and also on television. I believe that television is sometimes forgettable when it comes to teaching kids about  animals and the different sounds  they make. By contrast a visit to the zoo is so memorable for young children. Who can ever forget the roar of a hungry lion or a face- to- face confrontation of an angry chimpanzee, the  baboons climbing all over the tress, the colourful  parrots, the sea lions  screaming so loud etc; i guess not the kids. Apart from going to the zoo i take my kids to different places where they get to see things they see in there books, because in that way they acquire more knowledge. Below are few pictures of what our city zoo looks like:
I enjoyed some boat ride.
Zoo entrance
The walk continues!!
The elephants.
The sea bear.
Welcome to the house of the turtles.
Giraffe doing what they know best.
Sea lions territory.
The Flamingos
Thank God for summer.
The china leopard.
The underground section of the Zoo.

 Hope you enjoyed some few pictures of what my city Zoo looks like. Is sure a beautiful place to be with your family. The pictures you just viewed was taken by me.


Agatha said...

Was just passing by, not yet a blogger and i must confess your blog is very unique it makes me feel like having one. We don't go to the zoo in my city because it looks dead. After watching the few pictures you shared i feel am really missing something. I promised my kids that i will take them to the zoo when ever we travel.Glad y'all had fun. Happy 4th July too.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

What GREAt pics! Happy 4th of July!!

Thanks for hosting Bloghoppin' :)

Anna. said...

Happy 4th July, you know the way to make the kids get going. Great shoots.
Fan from FB!

Amanda Trought said...

Hey there May, great to have you stop by my blog, and thanks for your comments. Hope you had a blessed 4th July, you trip to the Zoo looked like great fun. Will pass again, stay blessed, Amanda

Nekky said...

Great Job. Some childhood memories cannot be forgotten, especially the ones they shared with their parents. An outing like this is one of the memories a child will always remember.

(Lea) Mother Baby Child said...

Hello, we are connected from BlogFrog; I am a new followers per your request in a forum.

I just wanted to let you know that these pictures are beautiful. I love how you take your children to the zoo each month; they will cherish that forever. Your blog is great. I'll be back soon.

Your Friend,

pamela r said...

very nice!

Dangzter Online said...

Congratulations for taking the family to a worthwhile getaway! The zoo is a must-go place for the kids and you just did a good job! Wish we have the same close to our home.

Visiting from vB!

Christine said...

Great pictures! I wish we lived near a zoo!

I'm visiting from Voiceboks and am your newest follower here. I'd love it if you'd follow me too at Why We Love Green at htt://

Lolo said...

It sure is a beautiful zoo! Hope you had a great time! Can´t wait to get to Fla. to visit some great ones with my kiddos too!
See you around, your friend from VoiceBoks

Taryn L. McCracken said...

Great pictures! I'm getting ready to take my kids to the zoo in about 20 minutes. It's a big day - we haven't been since last summer and this is my youngest son's first trip. :)

I'm a new GFC Follower from Terrific Thursday blog hop.
It's the Thought that Counts

Lindsay said...

what a fun day at the zoo! i wanna take my son now...

Patricia said...

Fun photos of the zoo. I have not been to the zoo in a long time.
I am visiting you from Blogaholic Supporters Squad Group. Hope all is going well with you and yours.

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Great photos of the zoo! Looks a lot like ours!

Clairejustine said...

Great photo's i'm a new follower from Mondays hop :)

Southern said...

Trips to the zoo with the kids are always fun! You took some amazing pics!

Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

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