Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gap-Toothed Grinners

They've been referred to as a sign of happiness, luck, good fortune, sexuality and wanderlust. Cultures all around the world have their take on gap teeth, and now—thanks to prominent figures who proudly flash the space in their smile—they're considered a mark of beauty and individuality. Here are a few of the stars who helped to make gap teeth fashionable, proving to men and women everywhere that they no longer need to be ashamed of their grins.

Condoleezza rice & Eddy murphy

Natalie Cole & Wesley Snipes


Sporadically Yours said...

Interesting. If someone asked me to name someone famous with a gap - none of those four would have come to mind. I guess when you see a person for their work, you looks past their flaws/flaunts.

a mommy's lifestyle said...

I agree with the above comment. I didn't even realize that about those celebrities.

Nancy said...

New follower! I had a gap as A kid and I always liked it. It closed up when I got older and I never had braces. Lauren Hutton was a super model in the 80s who sported a great gap too.

Tracy said...

Love it. My husband has a gap and I would kill him if he tried to get it fixed! It's just so 'him'.

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