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The Best Cleaning And Eco-Friendly Product You Have To Experience

A message from Renee Sullivan from Healthy Concepts:
A few months ago, I introduced MayMay the author of this blog to the company, Shaklee. MayMay tried the Shaklee Get Clean Starter kit and LOVED it so much that she decided to write a review about it. You can see the review here: We decided that we'd offer samples of the Basic H2 biodegradable cleaner to 50 lucky viewers so that YOU could see for yourself how effective and safe it is. Both MayMay and I received raving reviews from the people who tried Basic H2 wanting to know how they could order the amazing Shaklee Get Clean Kit! For those of you who did not get a sample, have no fear! If you want one, just contact me here: and I'll get one out to the first 50 people who respond. 

What I want to point out to all of you is how cost effective the Shaklee Get Clean Kit really is. It literally saves you thousands of dollars because the products are very concentrated...meaning you use less of the product to get better results. This saves YOU money & time because you don't have to drive to the store every few months to buy it...and very importantly, it saves the planet in the process! So I have listed the 10 Reasons Why Shaklee Get Clean Is an Exceptional Value...

1. Save Thousands of Dollars
Get Clean products are superconcentrated, saving you money—ounce for ounce! You would have to spend more than $3,400 on conventional, ready-to-use products from major name brands to get the same amount of clean you’ll find in the Get Clean Starter Kit.
†Based on comparing number of uses on labels of conventional, ready-to-use cleaners.

2. This Superconcentrate Can Save You up to $12,000
The one and only Basic H2® is a versatile, superconcentrated cleaner with a thousand uses. Ninety-nine percent natural and 100% powerful, Basic H2 replaces all the cleaners you’re probably buying now—window cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, floor cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, and more—saving you money and space. Get Clean Basic H2 is the ultimate superconcentrated cleaner! Look how much you would have to spend to get the equivalent cleaning uses! To get the same amount of clean as one 16-ounce bottle of Basic H2, you would have to spend: 
• Nearly $482 for the equivalent amount of all-purpose cleaner
• $12,250 for the equivalent amount of window cleaner
• $144 for the equivalent amount of degreaser 

A Little Goes a Long Way

Basic H2 Dilutions Add to 16 oz. Basic H2 1 Bottle Makes  Conventional, Cost for Equivalent 
   of water      (Cost/Bottle) Equivalent RTU RTU  Amount
(Ready to Use) (Cost/Bottle)

All-Purpose Cleaner ¼ teaspoon    $0.05 214 bottles of RTU $2.25  $481.50
Window Cleaner 2 drops  <$0.01 Over 5,000 bottles RTU $2.45 $12,250.00
Degreaser  1½ teaspoons   $0.33 36 bottles of RTU $4.00  $144.00

3. Safe, Powerful, Green, and Smart
When you use Get Clean, you’re never simply cleaning. While you make your home cleaner, you can make your family healthier because Get Clean is formulated without volatile organic cleaning compounds. And you save money without dirtying the earth.

4. Tough on Dirt
Get Clean outperforms or matches 15 national brands, including such products as Pledge® Multi Surface Clean & Dust™ Wipes*, OxiClean® **, and Downy®  April Fresh Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener Liquid.***
*This performance comparison was done on February 7, 2008, and is valid only for the named product marketed at that time. 
**This performance comparison was done on January 31, 2008, and is valid only for the named product marketed at that time.
***This performance comparison was done on January 21, 2008, and is valid only for the named product marketed at that time.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

5. Safe for You and Your Family
Before you reach for a conventional cleaner, consider this: You may be putting your health and your family’s health at risk. Studies show that household cleaning products can contain chemicals—such as chlorine bleach, petroleum distillates, and ammonia—that can have adverse effects on your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. These chemicals also can be the cause of unexpected trips to the emergency room.

6. Safe for the Planet
Get Clean uses natural and naturally derived ingredients from sustainable sources to offer nontoxic and natural cleaning choices that are Safe for You, Your Home, and Your Planet®. They also contain no phosphates, borates, nitrates, or many other chemicals the planet doesn’t appreciate.

7. Launder for Less
Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate HE Compatible (Liquid) allows you to prespot your laundry with the same thing you use to wash it. So it not only outperforms leading detergents, but also removes stains better than Shout® Advanced Action Gel.
 And you need only one phosphate-free ounce per load, so you’re saving money while protecting natural resources.
‡This performance test was conducted on August 9, 2007, and is valid only for the named product marketed at that time.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

8. Get Clean is Multitalented
Like Basic H2 and our Fresh Laundry Concentrate, Get Clean Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover is a jack (or jill) of all trades, combining stain-fighting power with cost savings and performance that is 60% more effective than Oxiclean® on grass stains*. From an environmentally friendly bleach alternative that has biodegradable surfactants, is 
free of phosphates, and really gets clothes bright, to an oxygen- and enzyme-fueled toilet bowl cleaner, this little container contains a whopping 48 loads of bargain.
*This performance comparison was done on January 31, 2008, and is valid only for the named product marketed at that time.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

9. Don’t Like It? Don’t Pay for It
With our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Except dirt and a whole lot of toxins.

10. Save Green, Save the Environment
When you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit versus conventional, ready-to-use cleaners, 108 pounds of packaging waste stays out of landfills and 248 pounds of greenhouse gas is eliminated. And if that’s not enough, through the sale of Shaklee Get Clean Basic H2 in the last year alone, Shaklee has eliminated the need for 2.7 billion 26-ounce bottles of conventional window cleaner—if placed end to end, these bottles would wrap around the earth more than 18 times!

Check out this video " Oprah Loves Shaklee

So my friends, Shaklee has hundreds of products that make excellent holiday gifts. Shop to give the gift of health for the holidays. Those you love and care about about will thank you over and over for what you've done for them. Or, if you want to give yourself a gift, that's ok too. Everybody needs their health, so why not start your New Year off right

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Small Kucing said...

sounds great product to have around

Renee Sullivan said...

After experiencing Shaklee's products, I could never use anything else.

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I have heard so many great things about Shaklee, never tried their products. i just make my own cleaning products! I might just have to look into them!

Renee Sullivan said...

Good Girl Gone Green,
Did you know that it's less expensive to buy Shaklee's products than to make your own?

Check out my Facebook page here:

It will be worth your while to check Shaklee out!

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