Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celebrity Trainer Tips To Avoid The Holiday Pounds

HARLEY PASTERNAK, host of ABC’s “The Revolution” who has trained Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and Rihanna
""When you go to a holiday party, I want you to park your car 3 blocks away. And walk those three blocks each direction. If you end up at a buffet, don’t make one trip and pile everything on your plate. Go up and take one thing. I always start with vegetables. Then go back for turkey. Satiety lags behind ingestion so if you eat slower, you’ll feel fuller and then by the time you go back, you’ll choose less. After the meal, go on what the Italians call a passeggiata--  a walk around the neighborhood."

NICHELLE HINES, the CRO “chief ride officer” at LA spinning gym Cycle House where Alexa Chung, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron like to break a sweat

"I tell clients, put post-its on your bathroom mirror or on your front door or on the mirror on the visor in the car, that say, 'If you’re not hungry don’t eat' and 'respect your temple.' It’s a constant reminder to breathe and make a conscious decision about what you put in your mouth. So many of these things happen without even thinking. Also, so often you think you’re hungry but you’re not—you’re just thirsty. It’s incredibly important to hydrate."

ANDREA ORBECK, fitness and wellness guru who works with Heidi Klum and many Victoria’s Secret angels

"Learn to modify menus. Instead of cream cheese or sour cream, use plain yogurt and Stevia instead of sugar because it doesn’t create the same insulin response. When a recipe calls for butter, cut 1/3 of butter with applesauce instead. Stay away from canned options and instead of white flour use whole wheat sources so at least you’re getting fiber. Multi-task. While you’re standing at the sink doing dishes, use the counter to do a set of squats. Do 50 crunches every morning before you start your crazy day."


Frau Trish said...

:)Thanks.But its christmas May,all the yummy yummy food,:)

Renee Sullivan said...

Great tips. Thanks for posting. We can be smart about what we eat...even during the holidays.

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