Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mother Of Two Invents Back-To-Front 'Packapouch'

A busy mom of two Mary Campbell, who is 43 yrs old has invented a back -to-front rucksack that acts as an extra pair of hands to help multi-tasking parents.

 The 'PackaPouch', is a simple but effective bag that straps on to the chest of overstretched mothers and fathers.
 Mrs Campbell is now selling the rucksack online and has been granted a Registered Community Design (RCD), which protects her design from duplication within the European Union.

The pouch sits high up on the body, to save the constant bending and lifting associated with washing bundles of children’s clothes.

'The pouch is especially useful for people with back pain. Mary Campbell spoke to some medical experts who said the best place for it would be high on the chest which limits the movements you have to take and it is also better for your posture.
  Her invention is not a bad idea, and i hope it takes her to the next level..


Small Kucing said...

LOL a very good invention. Each time i go out of the house i had to carry so many stuffs especially for the kid. Chucking everything into this pouch would helps hough might looked a bit weird

Judy Haughton-James said...

Smart lady this is May! I wish her success with this invention.

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