Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whitney Houston's Daughter - I Don't Want My Dad's Name

 Culled from TMZ
 Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown can't stand her name ... because of its association with her father Bobby Brown -- and now, TMZ has learned, she wants to change it all together.

Bobbi Kristina is telling friends ... she wanted to change her name for years -- ever since her parents split -- but Whitney wouldn't let her.

Now that Whitney's gone, we're told the 19-year-old feels untethered -- and wants to finally change her name completely ... making it simply "Kristina Houston."

We're told Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a "better place" than she's been in a while.

It's unclear when she plans to make the change official.

Do you think she is making a good decision?


Karen Greenberg said...

I don't think she should make any big decisions for at least six months. I know she thinks she is thinking completely straight right now, but losing a family member is a big source of stress in life. She should wait for that to settle down, then if she still wants to make the change she should go for it.

Bella said...

She should forget about that. Face her life and move on.. Bobby brown has nothing to do with the death of her dear mother. He might have contributed but not that much. I just don't like the way they are talking things into this young girl.. All this bad things people talk about her father will sure affect her later in life if things are not properly handled.

Judy Haughton-James said...

It is a sad situation and of course she has the right to make this decision. However one should be careful of making big decisions when one is experiencing a period of grief. Anyway my prayers and best wishes to her.

melody-mae said...

If she has wanted to for years then why not? I say, "go for it" :)

Barrett Family said...

Speaking from experience with the recently death of my mother it would be wise if she did not make such a "life changing" decision so soon after the passing of her mother. She may still feel the same in 6 mths to a year but she needs time to go through the grieving stages because this is when he emotions are all over the place. I pray she finds peace in her heart because this is such a terrible tragedy.

Small Kucing said...

it's kinda sad when it comes to this

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