Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bloggers Sign Ups Open For $300 Summer Shopping Giveaway Event.

Sign ups are now open for the $300 SUMMER SHOPPING GIVEAWAY EVENT

<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="$300 Paypal Giveaway" src=""></a>

The above code is the button code, which we'll love you grab and place anywhere visible in your blog. 

*Hosted by One moment in time, The worstest mommy and My photopage.

* Only 30 bloggers will take part in this event

* Cost is $10 for 3 links of your choice

* This event will run from 4/23-5/7

* The $300 is going to the Lucky winner as a cash prize via paypal

* Participating blogs will receive post code few days before the event.

If you want to be a sponsor in this event please link up your blog in the linky list below. After you must have made your $10 payment to: nzeremm at yahoo dot com. Please send as Gift to avoid paypal fees. Once i confirm your payment i will contact you again to submit your entry info.

 Share about this event in all the social networks you belong, so that others will get to know about it and join. 

Grab the event button code and place anywhere visible in your blog, which is highly appreciated. 

* Join facebook group HERE for updates

Once we reach 30 bloggers sign ups will close. There is still time but the earlier the better. This giveaway event is a great way for you to boost your online traffic, gain more followers and readers in your family friendly activities, and most importantly give back to your readers.. If you are not part of this event you are sure missing..  Sign up below by linking up your blog in the linky list..


Small Kucing said...

thanks for sharing. This is good news

Christine @ Mama Papa Barn said...

Thanks for the event. Paypal still charged me for sending the gift :(

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