Friday, March 30, 2012

I've Been Eating Nothing But Margherita Pizza For Eight Years

19-year-old girl Sophie Ray has been eaten nothing but Margherita pizza for the past eight years.

Sophie Ray, from Wrexham, Wales, has not had a proper meal since she was two, and from the age of 11 she has subsisted solely on cheese and tomato pizza.

Her problem began when she was struck down by a stomach bug, Gastroenteritis, at two years old.

Miss Ray visited a specialist two years ago who tried to encourage her to try new foods. But she said while this helped reduce some of the anxiety she felt about trying new foods, she is still unable to add variety to her diet.

She concluded  'I know my diet isn’t doing my health any good and I’d really love to eat normally but it’s really hard to change my diet after eating like this for so long.'
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Adaobi said...

What happens if there is nothing like pizza? I mean if pizza never existed. I have not heard something like this before ..
Strange but at same time i wish her quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

This eating disorder is very unique and i wish to have one too.

Anonymous said...

She is really enjoying

Rabi said...

Never heard about that type of eating behavior before. How she can stuck on only one type of food :(

Byn Always said...

I get bored way too easy! It doesn't sound healthy, of course, but still probably better than those living solely on McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I have never heard anything like this before. Nothing is impossible this days.

Sandy said...

I'm not sure if this is any different than other eating disorders, or addictions, for that matter.

In Miss Ray's case, the thought of having trouble eating again stops her from going beyond her comfort zone and trying other things. She acknowledges that she knows this current diet isn't good for her health, so she's aware of the affect it is having on her body. Even with that knowledge, the fear of the unknown will not allow her to change her diet.

I can only hope that as she gets older, she can learn face her fears and try new foods, and gradually discover how her body accepts them and move on to a healthier diet.

Great post May!

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