Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vile Photo Of A Woman Pointing A Gun At A Toddler's Head Sparks Panic On Facebook

A shocking image of a woman apparently pointing a handgun at a child's head has prompted concerns for the toddler's welfare.
The photograph has been shared on social media hundreds of times since it first appeared online last month as worried web users desperately try to identify the pair in order to alert the authorities.
However, the search has been hindered by the lack of information about the picture's origins.

The photograph shows a young woman smiling as she points what looks like a pistol directly between the eyes of a child aged around two years old.
There are few details about when or where it was taken, but it seems to have appeared originally on an Argentinian Facebook page around a month ago, suggesting the people in it are Latin American.
The image sparked panic when it was posted on blogs which campaign against domestic abuse.
No Longer Victims shared the photo, saying: 'If there is anybody that can help us to find this child, please please do so.Click read more below to continue...

The blog later added: 'A baby can be traumatised like anybody that is a victim of abuse - and this is a form of abuse.'
Facebook users have reacted with outrage to the image, with some calling it 'downright evil'.
It is not known whether the gun shown in the picture is in fact real, or whether it is a capgun or a prop weapon.
However, many people have suggested that even if it is some sort of replica, it is nonetheless irresponsible to expose such a young child to gun violence.

source: Todays mail


Mommy Roxi said...

I can't even fathom why some people are like this! This is the reason why I don't look at images such as this one because I get that feeling of hatred and I don't want to feel any of that. But it's good to be aware and to spread the word that NO CHILD DESERVES TO BE ABUSED or even exposed to such violence, whether that gun was real or not.

despicable me said...

This shit is scary,poor baby..crazy lady..

Small Kucing said...

Scary...she seeking attention is it

Anonymous said...

I hope the cps stepped in and took child .this dumb bitch should not have a child or be allowed on Facebook.omg

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