Thursday, December 22, 2011

Naya Rivera Named New Face Of Proactiv

While there’s constant pressure on celebrities to always look their best, Naya Rivera recently confessed she has struggled with her skin.
 The “Glee” girl shared that her constant acne breakouts earlier this year presented her with a challenge when it was time to film her show.

Naya explained, “The makeup artist on the set of Glee gave it to me and I kept  using it because I knew it worked for other people. I really wanted to work with Proactiv because the products really helped me.”
Ms. Rivera is such a strong believer in the product that she’s become the new face of Proactive’s new ad campaign. Congrats girl!


Small Kucing said...

I heard this brand is quite good

momto8 said...

My girls used and loved this product.

Georgie Horn said...

I hope you would laugh at my latest posting.

Nekky said...

Good to know that the product is working for her.I like it when people support what they believe in.

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