Sunday, February 27, 2011


1:  Like my natural hair cut short-but so many beautiful hair extensions to rock :-)
2:  Love to have pets (dogs)-but am scared of them :-((
3:  Stop taking cold drinks -but drinks taste good when cold.
4: Spend less time in the shower-hey who doesn't  love the hot water splash..he he
5: Wear flat shoes always- who doesn't want to look elegant  :-)
6: Eat ice creams late night-hm who wants to add weight, guess not me.
7: Eat out daily-but who doesn't  like healthy home cooked meal :-))
8: Eat  candy's often-who wants to visit the dentist not me...
9: Browse all day-but so many important things to do and  take care of.
10: Spend my whole week indoors with my family- who doesn't want to be resourceful.


Anonymous said...

hello lady is like we reason together.i have all this in my mind.

Blessing Cecilia said...

I cant believe someone have the same thoughts like mine. Thats incredible. I hope its ok to give up and indulge in your fantasy once in a while. Cool.

uchechi may nzerem said...

ya sometimes is good to live a min in a world of

morgan said...

i also have my own wishes.

alex perry. said...

in my next world i wanna be a woman,do i really think so?just fantazisin.

paul said...

who doesnt want all own wife has her own list too.

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