Thursday, May 19, 2016

SuperMums Titan Vacuum Cleaner - 30 L Giveaway

Yipeeeeee SuperMums giveaway is here again, and this time one of our sponsors came with a big bang!!! Guess what??? SuperMums is giving away "Titan Vacuum Cleaner-30L which is almost 46,000 Naira. Winner can go for CASH equivalent and is open for all ..

Last time we ran  "SMs No- Makeup pictures posting 

Competition " and it turned out amazinly good with lots of

 photos exhibiting natural beauties.... We want to use this 

opportunity to say a big thanks to all participants...

Now how do you enter for this giveaway?? Is pretty simple, 

use the comment box and let us know why you should be the

 winner of Titan Vacuum Cleaner..Please do not forget to leave your email address under your comment..

Giveaway entry will close on 26th May 2016 by 12pm, and 

winner will be announced..

We wish you all good luck.....


hollarbysy said...

I believe
it's my turn to own a titan vacuum cleaner.

Mama B Ekakitie said...

Honestly May I really need dis varcum cleaner for my home because am a super mum whom have super kids dat does a lot of messy stuffs on my rug sometimes

Stephanie Ogochukwu said...

I should be the winner because 1, I am an active super mum in this group also participated in the picture contest. 2, I took to instuction to come to this site and comment here. 3, I really should win because I would need the cash equivalent for my new buisness.

Anonymous said...

My name is Janny Lily. A super mum of two lovely kids. I am a happy 😊 mama, a giver and a passionate woman.
I have been on super mum platform for three years now and I have learnt alot here.
I am a ver hard working woman and when it comes to home chores I try my best because cleanliness is next to Godliness. I will be very happy 😊 and grateful if I should be d lucky one to win this vacuum cleaner because it will be of a very big help to me. I have been dreaming of having a vacuum cleaner in my house to at least easy my workload as it is not easy for me all to do the house chores and take care of my children too. Hubby is not staying with us and I can't even afford to hire a nanny and my mum in-law is already very old. Thanks and God bless you all.

Dannyib said...

In Mrs Adanna Grillo,a mother of twins(2 boys) and a daughter. You can't imagine how it it chasing after d lil boys and they are a yr old,trying to get their sister ready for school and she will be 3 yrs old on the 1st June and same time trying to clean the house, all I'm saying in the sense is that this vacuum cleaner will help make my work a lil easier faster and less stress free,Tnx and I hope this ia enough reason to win it,God bless u

Stephanie Ogochukwu said...

I should be the winner cos am an active super mum, I have taken to the instruction to comment here and finally, I could need the money equivalent to start up a little buisness! I hope I win!

Stephanie Ogochukwu said...

I should win because am a super mum, active and dedicated.

Amaka Uwandu said...

Thanks a lot for this wonderful giveaway. I have been a SuperMum right from when it was created. I can't even make counts on how many mums I have introduced to this wonderful platform. I deserve to be the winner because I have contributed immersely in and out of SMs. I share every single post you publish which you can find in my facebook profile for more than 3 yrs now. So you can see I am not doing it because of this current giveaway. Please make out time and go to my facebook, you will even see 2012 post from SMs in my profile..

God bless.

Lu Tony said...

I even don't have a vacuum cleaner. It's too tired to clean my house

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