Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Miracle - Conception After An Ectopic Pregnancy...

Sent in by one of our members!!!!

I hope my story will inspire someone here to hold onto God, He is still in the business of doing good, answering prayers and doing wonders! In August 2013, I missed my period and quickly went for a pregnancy test which showed positive. I was asked to go for dating scan, I did and nothing was seen in the uterus, I went back to my doctor, he went through the result and said " I will conduct another pregnancy test on you" he did and it was still positive! The next thing he said shattered my life, "madam, I suspect you have an Ectopic Pregnancy, there's a pregnancy occurring somewhere other than in your womb" you will go back for another scan..

I did the scan then revealed I had a mass adjacent to the left ovary! My blood sample was taken and sent in for test again. From August until November 2013, I was bleeding, the pregnancy test kept reading positive but the level of HCG hormone in my blood was normal, my PCV was 41%..
My doctor got confused, he argued that if I was bleeding internally, my PCV should be dropping, yet it wasn't! They kept sending me back and forth for all sorts of tests, eventually he carried out a D&S on me, cleaned out the womb but said he didn't find a placenta in the womb but just blood. I continued walking the streets of Lagos, not knowing I was dying until that Monday morning in November, after having my bath, I was getting ready for work, as I bent down to rub cream on my leg, I couldn't stand up. I struggled and managed to my go to the other room to call my hubby, but he was having his bathe! At this point I could barely walk, I picked up my car keys, struggled than the stairs, got into the car, I couldn't sit properly, I began to race down to the hospital, got there, parked and could for help, I was helped into the hospital and on the evening of that day I had a surgery! By the time I was opened up, my left fallopian tube had ruptured and of course my gynae had to cut it off to save my life. The next day he explained the procedure to me and made me to understand I had 50% chance of getting pregnant again. I cried and for the 1st time in my life I felt I had lost it all. I gave up on God, I blamed God for not being fair to me, at the same time, I lost my job! I woke up one night, I cried to God naked for taking too much from me, by Jan 2014, I got a better paying job! I was placed in 400k plus as against the 205k job that I lost in 2013. I thanked God. The whole of 2014, I didn't think about getting pregnant, I didn't even want to try for fear of being disappointed. I December 2014, I decided to try, no way! In January 2015, I tried again and by month end, I missed my period but very scared because my gynae told me I stand another chance of having an Ectopic again but then, God proved science wrong, I went for a dating scan, right there in the womb was my baby at 8 weeks. I thanked God. 5 months into the pregnancy I was diagnosed of a low lie posterior placenta which could lead to Placenta previa. I cried to God again for help, I sent my mum to Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma(Ebube Muonso). I told my mum point blank that I might die before or during child birth if for any reason the placenta starts to bleed. Ebube Muonso gave her Anointing oil to send to me in Lagos. We began to pray, by 30 weeks, the placenta had moved away from the cervix and assumed a posterior position which means, I could have a vaginal birth! I gave thanks and finally in Nov, my bundle of joy arrived! Labour was just for 3 hours! Sound and normal baby and i'm doing well.
To every month here believing God for a child, I tell you! HANG IN there, do not question God like I did! He is a master planner and will meet you at the point of your need!
I say to you! The God we serve has not changed and will not change because of your situation! He will do it for you. Your joy will be full. Thank You Lord for this opportunity to testify. I love You Lord.

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InSeason Mom Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've witnessed many women become "moms/mums/mamas" who the medical experts stated would never become mothers! That's one of the reasons I started my "inseason mom" blog because I KNOW that faith and medicine can work together!

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