Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two Nigerian Kids Found Dead In A Bathtub In Germany.

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In a soft spoken and seemingly shaking voice Mrs. Taye Iroyo confimerd to TopAfric on phone that she has lost her children, handsome Eghosa Keith Iroro 6 years old and her beautiful sister Judith Osayi Iroro was only 4 years old.
The kids always go to Kassel to visit their father on weekends through a lady mediator the court appointed since both parents are no more together. This past Saturday the 9th of November 2013 they went on the same journey but never to return. My kids usually return on Sunday by 4pm..mrs iroro

I am told around noon Sunday Frederick Iroro, the father of my beloved children found them dead in the bathtub, and subsequently alerted the fire service. By the time, the ambulance arrived at the scene the kids were no more breathing. All attempt by the medical doctor on duty to bring them back to life was fruitless.
The dead bodies are awaiting postmortem as directed by the state prosecutors. Whilst we await the outcome of their strange death, the lord almighty God should give the Iroro family of Nigeria and Germany the strength to withstand this hard time.
What a heart beaking news, please put them in your prayers..


Stephanie J. said...

Oh man that's so sad. I will keep the family in my prayers.

Country Bumpkin Reporter said...

I could not image the grief that this mother is going through. Is there any new up-date on this story?

Small Kucing said...

It is so sad that these things happens

fatsoul said...

new updates to this story here ::

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