Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kris Jenner 'Blacklists TV Show Access Hollywood From Covering Her Daughter Kim Kardashian's Birthday Party.

Kris Jenner and her famous family have received a public rebuke after the matriarch reportedly banned Access Hollywood from covering Kim Kardashian's recent 33rd birthday bash in Las Vegas.
Access Hollywood executive producer Rob K. Silverstein published an article on Friday calling out the clan, saying Kris blackballed the television outlet because they gave her failed talk show a bad review. 'We were planning on covering but Kris Jenner has''blacklisted'' us,' Silverstein wrote.
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'The reason. She was not happy with a review we aired of her talk show. A few months back,' he continued.
Kris over the summer hosted a six-week trial run of a pop culture chat show on Fox that was widely panned.

The show then did not have it's trial run extended by the network.
Silverstein in his article on the Access Hollywood website said: 'her talk show was not great and she is not a talk show host, no shame in that.'

He noted that the television landscape is 'littered with failed talk shows' and pointed to the struggles of Bethenny Frankel's new chat show.
Silverstein said Access Hollywood has covered the Kardashians fairly with discussions on how they are 'very close knit' and 'about how you don’t see any of the family members stumbling out of bars like other famous Hollywood families.'
The celebrity-driven programme has discussed Kris being a 'marketing genius' and has 'also criticised them where we felt it was justified,' the executive producer said.

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