Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Really Makes A Restaurant Worth Visiting?

Who said eating out is not an expensive business? Well it is, because you want to be sure of a good experience. Everyone has had experience in restaurant dinning right? Whether it was good or bad, we all have standards and opinions. For me I believe that a good restaurant should abide by some basic fundamental rules to allow it become successful.

Have you heard about La Jolla Grooves in provo? I heard is one beautiful restaurant  Located at the shops at the Riverwoods, Salt lake City, UT. Every dish in La Jolla Groves is prepared with fresh ingredients and healthier recipes. Personally I've not been there before, but I have some friends that have been there, and they said it has a warm and charming atmosphere, and is really a place to visit. I have plans going to Utah with my family before end of summer for a friend's wedding, and that would be a great opportunity to visit La Jolla Groves restaurant. So many beautiful reviews has been written about them.

 Recently I enjoyed a family meal at a local restaurant in my city, and I must say it was fantastic! Almost similar experience with my friend's  who went to La Jolla Grooves.  The  restaurant provided a truly memorable food experience I won't forget so soon. The atmosphere very relaxed and the staff friendly, efficient and helpful for us with kids that needs to play around . Their price is very reasonable for such a generous portion. I really enjoyed my evening, and this is how a good restaurant should be.If you're in Utah I would love you visit La Jolla Grooves in provo to share your own experience with us.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of me for La Jolla Groves. All opinion are 100% mine.


Small Kucing said...

i look for friendly service on top of good food

TrendySturvs said...

Good service,good environment and good food

Melina said...

I live in Utah, and will sure check out this place. Thanks for the review.

Kataurus Braswell said...

When I am dining out, I look for friendly service, good food, and cleanliness. www.blackconvo.com

Judy Haughton-James said...

La Jolla Groves sounds like a great restaurant May. I hope you get to dine there when you go to Utah. My favourite restaurant is The Ruins restaurant in St. Ann, Jamaica.

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