Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Blog Posts Must Not Die

I'm making this short tutorial on how to put a headline animator in your blog using feedburner. I've recieved multiple emails by many bloggers on how to do that, replying individually can be time consuming so i decided to write it down here for everyone wishing to bring their old blog posts alive.

Below is a short tutorial on how you can put a headline animator on top of your blog. Hope my tutorial helps. Please bear in mind that I'm not a pro in tech world but i am trying, so here we go:

* You must have an account with feedburner for you to grab the headline animator of your blog. If you don't have one create an account HERE.

* Log into your feedburner account, the first page you'll see contains your Feed Title, which is your blog name, and beside it are  subscribers ( number of people reading your blog posts).. Is very important to always check how many people that are subscribed to your blog.

* Then click on your blog name, it should bring you to another page. On that page you should be able to see Publicize written clearly on the upper tab with some other options. Click on Publicize.

* Next you should be able to see Headline Animator written by the left hand sidebar.

* Click on it, then a page comes up where you should be able to create and customize how you want your headline animator  to look like.

* Once you are done with your customization, finally click on activate. You should see your code, copy it. Then come back to your blog, click on design, you should see add a gadget, then select HTML/Java script and paste the code. Position it anywhere in your blog, but preferably on top. Finally save it and confirm it has been saved before you leave that page.

Hope you enjoy your headline animator.


Katherines Corner said...

Nice tutorial, well done. I don't know if this will work in wordpress though. But many thanks, I'll try it Hugs and Happy Halloween!

Sophie said...

Cool! Here from the hop.

May said...

Thanks Kath, i think it should work in wordpress. When is time to take your code, you should see options like wordpress, blogger blog etc.. Select the one you wish to take. Happy Halloween to you.

LaTonya said...

Thanks May you R so sweet sharing this tutorial. And thanks for the kind words u left me on my blog. I got 2 sponsors (whoo hoo) Karma girl Karma, came back today to link up and pass some of that good Karma back to u!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi May,
Very good information you have shared here. Take care and my best wishes to you always.

DebrasDollars said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I am your newest facebook fan and I found you through Mom Bloggers Club. Thanks for sharing have a great day!

Nekky said...

Thanks a million, I tried it out and I have it on my blog now. Indeed, 'Old Posts Must Not Die'.

Anonymous said...

I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!

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