Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Fruits Are Good For You.

We all know the importance of fruits in our lives. Many take it as necessity while some don't. Sometimes is good to ask yourself some certain questions like: What fruits are good for me? What fruits can really help me in my weight loss journey? What is the required amount i should consume  etc.
How healthy are you living? Is good to know. If am craving for something sweet i always rely on fruits. I consume little amount of food and fill it up with some cups of freshly cut fruits. For those that are involved in late eating i will suggest you replace the food with fruits. Fruits are not expensive at least is affordable why consume lots of junk foods instead of fruits?
I decided to share some pictures of my favorite fruits with you because a day can't pass me by without them making my day. The pictures of fruits you are about to view was prepared by me and pictures taken by me.
mixed fruit
 I enjoy eating mixed fruits because you get all the essential nutrients needed in your diet at a spot.
 Children love orange so much likewise adults. Is also recommended when ill, it helps a lot, full of vitamin C.
 Mango is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. If you are on diet then mango is the perfect fruit for you.
 Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Now in Germany is strawberry season every family that knows the importance of fruits includes  it in their daily menu.
passion fruit/maracuja.
I love this fruit so much because is a wonder fruit for me.You eat the seed and discard the skin.

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Adaeze amadi. said...

This is very beautiful,i love the creativity,my mouth and body is now in need of fruits.Good job girl.

linda. said...

The concept is very beautiful,i make sure my kids eat fruits daily,you are right because a lot of junky foods are taking over the healthy diets so is very important we stay tight on track with fruits.

Frau Trish said...

Thanks for posting,the collection of fruits in the first photo makes me wanna turn to a vegetarian LOL,but i LOVE meat so much,i wonder if that'll work:-) I make sure my kids eat apples everyday,.......but after seeing these photos i will endeavor to make my fruit basket exotic *winks* to Nice work May.keep it coming xxx

Tangela said...

Greetings May!! I've come to your site via Social Moms African-American Moms group. Your site is beauty-full! I love it! I followed you 2 days ago but forgot to leave a comment.

Stop to see me at and leave a comment so that I know that you stopped by.

Talk to you soon!

Dallas Single Mom Examiner said...

This looks so colorful and Yummy!

I'm following:
Dallas Single Moms Facebook!
Dallas Single Moms!

Kirsten said...

Hi (Waving)
I am hoping around and welcoming new members to VB.. Love the color's of your blog .. very pretty! Will continue to follow you.
have a wonderful day

Kirsten ~ ~

Blessing Cecilia said...

U made it look so sumptuous. I almost want to live on fruits only. Thanks for the exposure.

YUMMommy said...

I love mangos and strawberries. Fresh fruit always reminds of trips to the farmer's market with my mom when I was little.

May said...

Thank you so much frau trish,you can enjoy eating meat but please always include fruits in your daily menu for easy digestion of food.

May said...

Thank you everyone for all your beautiful compliments @ yummmommy am happy to hear that,keep up the healthy living.

oomph. said...

we are definitely fruit (and veggie) lovers, here. my evening snack is usually fage greek yogurt with fruits!

Nekky said...

This is nice. I love to eat fruits and fresh veggies as opposed to the junks out there.

nina kunni said...

this looks really yummy.will add fruits to my diet.

Natasha said...

I found your site through MBC. I'm a new member. I'm a late night eater and it's not fruit. But I'm getting better.

May said...

Hi,@ Natasha thanks for stopping by my blog, i tried visiting you but unfortunately your blog is set private so once you reset it try and contact me again i will sure visit.

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