Friday, April 15, 2011


Many  of my  friend's have been telling me about this vegetable called BROCCOLI including my husband about its nutritional values, not that i don't know about it, but typical me i said what i don't like no one can convince me to eat it.
But today turned out a different day for me, i decided to give it a trial for the first time by preparing broccoli soup, and guess what happened? my kids couldn't stop asking for more and i really enjoyed my broccoli soup.
Now i have realized that the choices we make when it comes to food are because we have options.


olga said...

Am happy you enjoyed it,next you have to try blumenkohl you will enjoy it too.i prepare it almost every week in my haus.

Nekky said...

It's good that your kids enjoyed it. I eat broccoli for its nutritional values not because I'm a fan.

uchychy may said...

@ nekky that means i have been missing alot.

uchychy may said...

@ olga i finally ate broccoli so am looking forward to taste blumenkohl :-))

Anonymous said...

mmmm...broccoli. I'm your newest follower from MBC. When you get chance, I would like to invite you to visit me.

Have a great day.


JTWisdom said...

Hi There,

I love broccoli and it's really good for you too. Chicken and Broccoli with shrimp is one of my favorite dishes.

Following you now.


Bubbling with Elegance and Grace

Ann said...

i love the pictures you use in your post.the are all cool.i luv broccoli too.

L.A.C.E. said...

mmm broccoli. My 4yr old calls it trees lol

uchychy may said...

it sure looks like a

Jo Jo said...

Thanks for visiting Time for Me. Returning the follow. Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables - esp Broccoli Soup.

Happy Easter Week!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

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uchychy may said...

@ SJ thanks alot for the invitation i really appreciate,and also thanks for seeing the creativity in me.i will be attending the party.
looking forward to meet some awesome people..

Catrina said...

I feel the same way about broccoli. Maybe, its time for me to make a good soup too! Following you from MBC! Feel free to visit me at

uchychy may said...

@ catty you better do cos you are missing alot :-)))

Melissa said...

I love broccoli and I love to cook with it all the time. I am so proud of you for trying something new. Every year for the past couple of years that has been our challenge. Thank you for following my blog ~ Coffee & Laughter.

hernimc22 said...

Love the name of your blog. Newest follower from Happy Monday Blog Hop. My blog is at

Modern Mom Redefined ((Kelsi)) said...

Following you back...

Do you have the recipe? I'm a big fan of broccoli soup... it's actually what I had for lunch today! And I interestingly had a discussion with my student about how to spell "broccoli". LOL what a coincidence! Have a great night, can't wait to read more and hear from you soon!

Yankee Texan said...

I have tried several times to like broccoli but I still have not had much success. Glad to hear you enjoyed it though.

Thanks for stopping by Yankee Texan Mom. Now following you back and looking forward to it!
Yankee Texan Mom

Anonymous said...

I love broccoli - it's cauliflower with flavour. Never eaten broccoli soup, though :)

Easy-2-Save said...

I like Broccoli steamed. I am following you back from

uchychy may said...

hope to try steamed broccoli one of this dayz.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog - beautiful banner - everything : D Love Broccoli too but haven't made it a habit yet- why is it so easy to forget about veggies? I guess old habits die hard LOL

Thanks for joing in on The Hop at WynnieBee -I'm following you back by GFC and haven't looked for your Twitter button yet but will do that do - I'm not so much into Facebook yet - maybe someday : D

Have a great week-enjoy the lovely weather .

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