Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A good 'foundation' is the key to clever make-up
By foundation" am referring to the base of my makeup.This includes concealer and foundation.
I'm a great fan of MAC cosmetics  and you can also check out there products because is suitable for all types of skin.You need a good base from which to apply the colours you have chosen and this goes for make up too. Cleanse and moisturize your skin, then apply a primer, a concealer and foundation to create a smooth base - you can then apply all the colours you wish too. Remember without applying all i mentioned above you won't get that perfect look u wish to and you see your make-up washing away even before you arrive to your destination.



nneoma said...

yes you are on point,without foundation the makeup on the face looks pale and i luv mac too-great choice.

uchechi may nzerem said...

there is always a big difference when you see someone with foundation and also when you see some one without foundation.

ugomma said...

the gave me wrong colour in my foundation and i feel so sad about it.

uchechi may nzerem said...

ugomma the mistake is from you,you should ask them to apply samples first before purchasing.

Beauty and the Green said...

Am a new follower and happy that I found your site. I also joined in on the blog hop. All the best!

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